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Welcome to Landmark Lodge #40's

Just like the bountiful African American history on Winters Lane in Catonsville, Maryland, the rich legacy of Landmark Lodge #40 (LML #40) and the history of over 200 years of Prince Hall Freemasonry can be traced back to the story of black men and their experience in America and beyond. Alone with Prince Hall traditions, the values of LML #40 remain constant throughout history. Landmark Lodge was set apart on June 7, 1904. A year later, on June 7, 1905, Landmark Lodge was warranted and received its charter at the Old Fellows Hall on Winters Lane in Catonsville, Maryland. The charter was granted by the ten Grand Master William E. Tilghman and the Grand Secretary Joseph L. H. Smith. Our first elected cabinet consisted of the following officers: WM Basil Cure; SW John Scott; JW John W. Harriday; SD George Patterson; JD Phillip Holland; Secretary Evan Bacon.

Also present at this historic occasion were Brothers Frank Duckett, Robert Williams, Charles Woodland, George Hall, and Thomas Boston. Being sincere in their purpose and believe, the lodge grew strong in brotherhood and morality. Though financial progress was slow, without the blare of bugle or sound of trumpet, the brethren, being determined, were soon able to purchase their own temple, a short distance from their other meeting place on Winters Lane. Through many personal sacrifices and hard work, they were able to see the fruits of their labor and lay the foundation for the brothers that would come behind them.

Throughout our long history, we learned through our brethren and the influence of Masonic institution that freemasonry is a way of life whose purpose is to make good men better. Today, those of us who follow in their footprints and stand upon the shoulders of these outstanding Masonic men, continue to honor the steps of their legacy by the building of strong relationships centered on integrity, strength, beauty, wisdom, and brotherhood. Our prayer is that through Godís blessings we will remain true to the knowledge and vision they shared with us. As we progress in Masonic knowledge, their vision will continue to guide and order our steps as we become more active participants in the vitality of our fellowmen, family, church, and communities that surround us.

With continued charity and brotherly love, as our cardinal principles, along with the Great Architect of the Universe, we pray Landmark Lodge continues to be a vital part of Prince Hall Freemasonry throughout the world. We also pray that as we grow stronger in faith and love, our works of charity and goodwill will inspire others in the community to come and grow with us in Godís grace.

So mote it be!